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Success Stories aus dem Bereich General Industries

Customised solutions in the industrial sector Robustness and efficiency characterise the operation of high-performance industrial applications. Elektrosil develops customised technologies in order to satisfy the complex requirements of this wide-ranging sector. All Success Stories in the General Industries Sector

Success Stories aus dem Bereich Automotive

Customised solutions in the automotive sector Innovative drive and strong global competition – the automobile industry moves in a demanding and stressful environment. You can read how Elektrosil has shown itself to be a competent partner with intelligent systems solutions in our Success Stories.All Success Stories in the Automotive sector

Success Stories aus dem Bereich Medical Technology

Customised solutions in the medical engineering sectorSpecial quality demands with strict requirements apply to the use of medical equipment for diagnostics and therapy. With in-depth expertise in this sensitive area, Elektrosil has shown itself to be a reliable partner in medical engineering.All Success Stories in the Medical Technology sector

Success Stories aus dem Bereich POI

Customised solutions in the POI sectorPoints of Information enable customers and potential customers to be addressed specifically using smart information concepts. Elektrosil develops intelligent input technologies for complex information stations/multimedia platforms which are distinguished by the best possible usability.All Success Stories in POI

Success Stories aus dem Bereich Vending/POS

Customised solutions in the Vending/POS sectorKiosk systems and POS terminals form a direct connection to the customer. Their functionality is of critical importance. As a competent partner in the POS/vending sector, Elektrosil supplies reliable and vandal-proof technologies.All Success Stories in the Vending/POS sector

Success Stories aus dem Bereich Domestic Appliances

Customised solutions in the domestic appliance sectorLong life and low energy costs are a characteristic of modern products for domestic use. Elektrosil supports manufacturers of home appliances with intelligent concepts when implementing high-quality household equipment which is convenient to use in the private sector.All Success Stories in Domestic Appliances

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