From the power supply to approval: Customised power supply for premium intercommunication system

Heart of the doorbell system: Good power supplies perform well and work reliably. To design such an assembly in the smallest possible space and also incorporate an additional relay circuit – this was the task undertaken by Elektrosil for the intercommunication system of a premium supplier for private households and commercial use.

The challenge

The client required a durable power supply with a completely new power supply board for his innovative intercommunication system. Size, power, output voltage and fixed positions for screw terminals and initiating contact were specified in advance; a separate relay circuit for special functions was to be incorporated. Finally, approval was required for several countries. The project was subject to a strict time schedule for introducing the final product to the market.

The Solution

Elektrosil defined a high-grade customised procedure to meet all the client’s requirements relating to board layout and heat management, housing samples and transformer design. The designers used new components of the highest quality in order to achieve long life and high MTBF values. They located a suitable relay at a specialist manufacturer in Germany.

The prototype and production samples were subjected to stringent testing by the customer whose quality expectations exceeded conventional power supply standards.

The Elektrosil team obtained approval of the special relay circuit for a number of countries, including TÜV and UL. Safety approvals were coordinated via the responsible manufacturer in the Far East.

To enable the power supplies to undergo further processing in the client’s production facility, together with a supplier, Elektrosil implemented labour-intensive packing requirements, such as terminals unscrewed by hand and delivery in an open state.

Since development began 20 years ago, Elektrosil has managed the product. The client regularly commissions adjustments for the product, which is sold around the world to this day.

Compact core: Certified core module consisting of power supply unit, controller and cooling solution with just a few cubic centimetres Installation situation

Sophisticated technology: House call systems integrate control board and power supply in the smallest of spaces

Elektrosil’s strengths

Elektrosil demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in the development of customised power supplies and extensive experience in project organisation. Excellent relationships with the manufacturers and good contacts with the testing laboratories considerably simplified the results-oriented and time-critical process.

Advantages and benefits

The high-quality and durable power supply provided the customer with the heart of his quality intercommunication system. The handling of the approval process for several countries and the implementation of packing requirements provided effective support for the client in rapidly introducing his innovative final product to the market.

With development strength and precision, Elektrosil produced a compact power supply solution in limited space and in doing so provided the central element for a multifunctional doorbell system in the premium segment.

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