Power adaptors and power supplies for your applications

We supply robust and efficient power supply units to ensure your electronic applications operate reliably. With our wide-ranging expertise, we are specialists in the development of durable, customer-specific power supply units, down to the finest details. From connections to cooling, you benefit from smart solutions developed using our interdisciplinary engineering expertise.

Hendrik Niemann

CEO, Head of Product Management

Tel: +49 40 84 00 01-0


Solutions that benefit you

Our power supply units are always configured to the specific requirements of the system in question. For us, the dynamic behaviour and mutual interactions between all components priority are more important than isolated benchmark data:

  • How can we ensure long-term power consumption in the likely ambient temperatures without an unacceptable decline in service life?
  • Does the system comply with all relevant safety regulations at all times?
  • Are the frequency and voltage values within permitted limits?

These are just a few of the issues we will address with you and our partners. Our interdisciplinary processes allow us to do more than make recommendations; we can also develop tailored cooling solutions or sophisticated wiring and housing concepts.

Our power supply units services

We employ the services outlined below to develop your bespoke power supply unit. The high quality of our production operations is based on our long-standing cooperations with specialist manufacturing partners who implement our projects swiftly and efficiently. Even small production runs of customer-specific models are available at reasonable prices. Our production operations are subject to strict quality management and are certified in accordance with EN and UL safety standards regarding: IT facilities, electrical medical devices, domestic appliances, transformers up to 1,000 V and LED lamps.

A closer look – relevant examples

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