New operating concepts for digital transformation

For the next generation of CNC machines, two rotary switches and an optical control were replaced by a new, innovative operating unit. The result: the Smart Switch.


With the predecessor model, the operator needed both hands for two rotary switches and also had to follow the operation processes visually.

The customer’s vision: A tool with new functionality that increases the operating speed. In addition to one-hand operation, multifunctionality and adaptability to different environmental conditions, the wish list also included maximum robustness for industrial applications.


“When we presented our first ideas after a few weeks, our customers were already quite enthusiastic,” recalls product manager Gunter Wagschal. The Smart Switch enables the required one-handed operation. The basis for this is the combination of turning and pushing movements. This concept allows completely new sequences, combinations and speeds for machine control.

Each switching operation is accompanied by LED signals and vibrations that inform the machine’s operator of everything he or she needs to know according to the machine configuration for the current work process without the need for visual inspection. In this way, operations are faster and work becomes more efficient and productive.

“The really revolutionary new achievement about our Smart Switch is the dialogue of the rotary switch with the software of the operating control. This allows for a previously unavailable flexibility,” says Wagschal. The reason is because the signals from the Smart Switch give the software the impulses for the machine control; and in turn the software can be configured to control in which colour, with which vibration pattern and in which intensity the signals are to be output to the machine operator via the Smart Switch.

“When we presented our first ideas after a few weeks, our customers were already quite enthusiastic.”


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