Effective touch solution: long life with top performance

When business is brisk, a supermarket checkout must produce its best performance. At the heart of the matter are touch screens which work as well as on the first day, even after millions of entries. Elektrosil has optimised the input unit for 12.1" and 15.1" monitors for the checkout system of a leading supplier of IT solutions in the retail sector and provided valuable advice input.

The challenge

An input unit with long life: The client wanted an infrared touch solution for his checkout system with fast response time and the smallest possible dimensions as well as optimisation of the infrared touch panels, assistance in choosing the protective screen, and adaptation for numerous operating systems.

The solution

Based on the existing standard, Elektrosil’s team of touch experts developed a narrower, customised infrared touch panel with integrated full touch screen functionality without restricting its performance. When subsequently integrated into the monitor, it was ensured that the carrier plate was correctly aligned and the infrared diodes were accurately positioned relative to one another.

With an infrared touch screen, the client had chosen a technology with virtually unlimited life which differed substantially from its predecessor – a resistive touch screen. As the technology did not permit the surface to be flush, the Elektrosil team employed sophisticated integration techniques to achieve minimum height.

Elektrosil also provided samples of a suitable protective screen which satisfied the requirements for suitable chemical anti-reflection, increased resistance to shock and impact, and a pleasant feel to the interface.

A number of driver modifications were undertaken for use in virtually all common operating system environments. This was carried out in close collaboration between Elektrosil and the supplier in Asia.

The client values the pronounced development and implementation expertise for touchscreen components with integrated circuit boards and the optimisation of installations

Elektrosil developed an assembly consisting of touch screen, protective screen, control electronics and haptic optimisation.

Touchscreens in supermarket checkouts must function as they did on the first day, even after millions of inputs

Elektrosil’s strengths

Elektrosil offered the client a comprehensive consultancy service for system integration and the provision of samples based on more than 20 years of experience in the touch screen and printed circuit board design fields, and supplied valuable stimulus for the development. As part of its project management service, the company coordinated suppliers to ensure that the project ran smoothly.

Advantages and benefits

The optimised infrared touch screen has proved to be a compact, durable product for the client which provides him with an attractive offering for his end customers. The technology enables any number of functions to be programmed via the software and can be integrated in any common system environment.

Elektrosil was able to significantly assist the customer in generating competitive advantages thanks to comparatively low development and production costs. Thereby it has provided the customer with a strong competitive argument for his checkout system: a robust touch screen, intuitive operation and at the same time economical. Do you want to upgrade your product and need assistance? Then give us a call.

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