Premium cable for high-end industrial control panel

Human-Machine Interfaces take over a key function as intelligent input and control modules with modern production processes. In order for the control panels to remain connected at all times, even under harsh conditions, their cables must be extremely robust and reliable. Elektrosil provided a reliable high-end solution for an automotive engineering market leader.

The challenge

The customer required a special solution for its innovative Human-Machine Interfaces for controlling machinery. A hybrid cable for data and power, resistant to liquids and acids, in a customer-specific special colour. The connecting solution for the control panel also has to withstand a considerable amount of tensile force. The client specified manufacturers for certain areas. He carried out the development himself.

The solution

By selecting qualified manufacturers from its own network, Elektrosil built up a highly competent manufacturing team together around the specified suppliers. The engineering team coordinated all of the manufacturers and supported the client down to the last detail. The coordination included all processes from manufacturing and assembly in Germany and “best cost” countries. The company’s extensive coordination experience guaranteed that there was an efficient exchange of information in the network when implementing change requests and providing components.

The main focus was on the quality of the solution: The raw cable was manufactured by a cable specialist – including shielding of the data lead and UL certification. Elektrosil tested the samples in-house, e.g. with endurance tests in the climate chamber. In addition to the 100% final inspection in the manufacturing area the engineers checked the cables at their own site. This ultimately resulted in a failure rate of less than 0.1 percent.

The optimum hold of the cable ensures that a robust cable connection is provided that will withstand tensile force of 400 N, as was proven by tests at Elektrosil. The secure connection of the cable to the interface housing was created thanks to a special adhesive.

As a reliable and knowledgeable first-source partner, Elektrosil supports a market leader in automation technology to create a robust speciality cable for human-machine interfaces.

Hold connection: Cable with integrated power and data cable for tensile forces up to 400 N

Always be connected: HMI are the interface to the machine - and the daily face of the manufacturer's brand for the customer.

Elektrosil’s strengths

The team relied on smart sourcing and its many years of experience in Asia for the top-level cable solution. With in-depth know-how in connecting technology, the engineers provided product quality and rapid procedures during manufacture.

Advantages and benefits

This cable provides the customer with an extremely reliable and high-quality product for its innovative HMI systems. The robust add-on underlines the manufacturer’s leadership claim with regard to innovation and quality. Elektrosil proved itself to be a solution partner who reliably coordinated manufacturers in Asia and paved the way to a purposeful result. The manufacturing and low assembly costs in the far east gave the client additional cost benefits.

With a powerful manufacturer network and extensive experience in Asia, Elektrosil realised a durable hybrid cable that is the guarantee of performance and reliability that the client is looking for as a market leader.

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