No lift-off without functional communications technology: aircraft cannot start when even a single speech device malfunctions. For the reliable operation of on-board telephone systems, Elektrosil developed an intelligent keypad solution. The client was a prominent manufacturer of electroacoustic devices with one of the large aerospace groups as an end client.


The client needed a new keypad for the on-board telephone used by the flight crew. Instead of the previous controls that used individual keys, they wanted a universal construction that also allowed the keys to be arranged in a flexible manner. Additional guideline: functioning had to remain secure under major pressure differentials and temperatures of up to 70°C.


Elektrosil built the keypad on a modular design for the greatest possible leeway with individual key configurations. The base consists of a button area that can be integrated into the handheld device, with circuits using a printed circuit board design. This is the complex centrepiece of the development, with control options that use up to 18 keys. The engineers built a second layer consisting of a silicone pad, which formed the operating area.

The allocation and printing of the keys remains extremely flexible thanks to the design as a simple silicone pad. Individual variants can be created with order sizes of one or more. The number of keys can be changed at the time of production without costly tool adjustments.

The team chose the perfect material for high temperatures, namely temperature-resistant silicone. The contactless design of the silicone operating area prevents erroneous functions occurring due to high pressure differentials. Testing by the end client confirmed the secure use.

PU coating and adaptations of the key radii on the silicone pad contribute to the high resilience.

The client trusts Elektrosil to creatively optimise the keypads and benefits from their excellent marketability to airlines thanks to one-piece flow manufacturing

Keyboard with many advantages: Silicone pad made of one piece, customisable key assignment, abrasion-resistant, easily adaptable to design requirements

No take-off without the speech device: intercoms with reliable silicone rubber


The Elektrosil team used their ingenuity to develop a made-to-measure input solution. This serves to demonstrate the developers’ know-how in printed circuit board design and keypads at the highest level.


Elektrosil delivered smart and safe system components for aircraft intercom devices to the client. Thanks to the modular solution, the electroacoustics specialist is able to produce on-board telephones with keypads that can be individually designed at a particularly economical price – and thus confirming their reputation as a solution-oriented, innovative partner.

With an interdisciplinary approach to input technologies, Elektrosil boasts top-class expertise as a development partner for manufacturers in the challenging fields of electroacoustics and aviation.

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