White Paper
Wireless Charging


So that fast charging does not become heating: Optimisations on the way to the wireless charging of the future

Put it on instead of plugging it in: Wireless charging is practical and available for more and more devices. But it still has disadvantages compared to charging by cable. Find out how to make wireless charging fit for the future in this white paper.

Wireless charging simply by hanging up is the future. Not only at home, but also mobile in the car, on the train or wherever you have to wait. It is fast, uncomplicated and hygienic - a relevant aspect not only since Corona, but also from time immemorial in public areas with through traffic and many users.

However, wireless charging still often cannot keep up with wired charging: Positioning, heat generation and charging speed are often tricky.

This white paper uses a product development by Elektrosil to show how the disadvantages can be overcome and how companies can offer stations for wireless charging to their customers, passengers and guests.

White Paper „Damit schnelles Aufladen nicht zum Heizen wird“ (German, PDF, 1 MB)