New article published
in Elektronik Praxis


"Customer needs continue to develop even in the crisis"

Under this headline an article about us has been published in the „Encouragement“ column of Elektronik Praxis: 

“Since 2019 Hendrik Niemann and Hannes Collenburg have been managing the fate of the Elektrosil Group. Both are convinced to question the existing situation and to overcome the crisis with sensible investments and developments.

Since 1983 Elektrosil stands for products from the large electronics sector. After more than 36 years a new generation is leading the group of companies into the next decades. And right at the beginning of this period, an unprecedented challenge takes place with the crisis in 2020. Fear of the future? Not at all! "Innovations are the motor out of the crisis", both Hendrik Niemann and Hannes Collenburg are convinced of this.”

Read the whole article here (in German)