Management of ELEKTROSIL arranges
Company Succession


Change of Generations at ELEKTROSIL

Management of ELEKTROSIL arranges company succession

After more than 36 years, a new generation is leading the future of ELEKTROSIL: The two long-time employees Hendrik Niemann, former head of automotive, and Hannes Collenburg, former commercial leader, have taken over the company shares within the scope of a management buy-out from Manfredo Mirabella-Greco, Eduard Lucke as well as Ralf Häußler. Niemann and Collenburg also have taken over the company’s management. Ralf Häußler will remain with the company as sales manager, while the other two shareholders will be available as external consultants in the future.

From distributor to development partner

Manfredo Mirabella-Greco had started ELEKTROSIL in the late 1970s and founded it as a limited company in 1983 as ELEKTROSIL Systeme der Elektronik GmbH. Thanks to his instinct for innovation, a flourishing distributor of electronic system components developed under his leadership.

In 1992 his visionary foresight led to a change of course in the company's DNA: With Eduard Lucke, Mirabella-Greco brought in the engineering expertise and passion that ELEKTROSIL needed for further diversification of the product areas as well as the trend-setting transition to a developer and producer. From then on, Lucke and Mirabella-Greco jointly managed the company as partners and managing directors.

Today ELEKTROSIL designs electronic and electromechanical applications, assemblies and systems for numerous product areas and industries on the basis of interdisciplinary engineering. In this area, the company positions itself as one of the leading partners for mass production and as a gateway to Asia for development-driven innovative companies. The 2018 financial year has been the most successful in the company's history, with sales in excess of EUR 40 million.

Continuity in succession

With Hendrik Niemann and Hannes Collenburg, the company is now being run by two senior employees, continuing the tradition of technical and commercial co-management.

Hendrik Niemann, an industry expert, has been in charge of the Automotive division since 2006 and played a key role in its establishment and development. Hannes Collenburg had started as a strategic consultant at ELEKTROSIL in 2009 and decided to join ELEKTROSIL as commercial manager at the end of 2015.

Mirabella-Greco, Lucke and Häußler have full confidence in their successors: “We are happy to be able to pass on ELEKTROSIL to long-standing employees from the management circle. We are confident and believe in the success of the two new shareholders. To quote Mr Collenburg: “We are all very close, a family if you will!”

Continuity for partners and customers

With a lot of appreciation and gratitude, the previous and new management team turn to the employees, partners and customers: “They have made ELEKTROSIL what it is today. Little will change for them: Mr. Häußler remains sales manager, all contact persons remain unchanged and “ELEKTROSIL Systeme der Elektronik GmbH” will become “ELEKTROSIL GmbH”.

“The former shareholders have turned ELEKTROSIL into a brand, the name stands for itself," said Niemann and Collenburg. “That's why we find the subtle change in name very fitting. We want to consistently continue with the brand concept and grow further as a development partner for the industry. We will start the new era with a well-filled order book and many ideas to shape the future together and innovatively with our team, partners and customers.”