White Paper
Seat ventilation with Peltie


Seat ventilation with Peltier: optimum cooling capacity for every watt

Seat ventilation with Peltier elements? At first glance, hardly any other technology appears to be less suitable for modern automotive engineering than the electrothermal converter with its known low efficiency. But the impression is misleading: with optimal design, Peltier elements make a considerable contribution to passenger comfort, because they can turn cooling into an aha experience.

This whitepaper shows development managers how Peltier elements can be used in a balanced way in vehicle seat ventilation. With deliberately perceptible cooling effects, the electrothermal converters provide real added value for the automotive megatrend of "passenger comfort". Despite their low efficiency, the small, easily controllable elements that can be implemented as a 1-component solution offer many advantages. This text presents which factors are essential in their design for optimum cooling performance and how they are to be designed.

German White Paper "Sitzbelüftung mit Peltier: optimale Kälteleistung für jedes Watt", PDF, 6 MB