Embedded World 2017

Full engineering bandwidth for smart controls: Elektrosil with New Vision Display at Embedded World 2017 Intelligent solutions In the field of embedded systems Elektrosil presents from 14th to 16th March 2017 at the Embedded World. The production partner New Vision Display (NVD) is a co-exhibitor at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. Elektrosil has been cooperating with the specialist for display solutions since 2014. Both exhibitors will jointly present current developments and products in the field of system solutions: Exhibits include HMI solutions, customer-specific displays and a (salt)water-resistant touch application as well as embedded boards, modules and box PCs. Screen protectors for mobile devices as well as LEDs, OLEDs and power supplies round off the range of technologies. Comprehensive development and services At the booth, Elektrosil will give an overview of the entire embedded portfolio of product, hardware and software solutions, which will be realized together with the subsidiary MCS Micronic Computer Systeme GmbH. This includes embedded developments and management systems - for operating systems and mobile devices. In addition, Elektrosil offers a wide range of development, test and inspection services for demanding applications in areas such as POS, digital signage or medical technology. Discuss project ideas - find solutions At the Embedded World booth, everything revolves around the development of intelligent systems. Elektrosil is the solution partner for almost every application. Guests have ample opportunity to discuss project ideas and requirements with qualified staff in a quiet atmosphere. Elektrosil and NVD are looking forward to all visitors.

White Paper System Requirements (German)

Precise System Requirements - the Basis for Lean Development Complex products convince with intelligent functions and a high degree of networking. But before their realization, developers ask themselves many questions: Are all customer needs mapped? How does Lean Production succeed? Systems Engineering provides a smart strategy for planning these technical systems in a forward-looking and cost-friendly manner by analyzing the system requirements. The whitepaper shows how developers define system requirements for new products. Key steps such as the early development of a test strategy or simulation as a planning tool will be presented. Readers will learn which factors contribute to a more cost-effective and effective production as well as to a higher adherence to delivery dates. German White Paper "Exakte Systemanforderungen – die Basis für Lean Development", PDF, 827 KB

White Paper Human Machine Interfaces (German)

Development of application-specific HMIs - Challenges, Steps, Potentials Whether for a new device or product relaunch - the development of a new HMI influences and changes the entire application. The user interface defines to a large extent the degree of usability, gives the application its own feel and gives it a "face". It offers the possibility for the special feature - and so an own, specific HMI is a coveted device component today. But how to proceed? This white paper shows what is important in development, when entrepreneurial personal contribution makes sense and helps to assess development partners. Application-specific Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are becoming more and more common. The complex devices optimize the operation of machines and underline the positioning of companies as user-friendly - or not. This white paper shows which services are necessary for the development of an own HMI and what has to be paid attention to. All necessary steps from the software-side display integration to the tuning of the touch sensor are presented in the document. Companies can find out which areas a company's own developer can cover and from when it is recommended to get support from an external HMI expert. German White Paper "Entwicklung anwendungsspezifischer HMIs – Herausforderungen, Schritte, Potentiale", PDF, 1 MB

White Paper Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Application-specific selection of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries always present development departments and merchants with the agony of choice: Which cell type and which battery is the best? Apart from performance, energy packs influence aspects such as design, safety and manufacturing costs right from the development stage. This white paper by Elektrosil summarizes the relevant aspects for a device-specific accumulator selection in a guideline. Lithium-ion accumulators are the leading power supply technology for mobile applications today. This white paper provides developers and purchasers with an overview of what to consider when selecting energy storage devices for their products. The whitepaper highlights the step-by-step procedure from planning to design-in. A core part of the document is the list of parameters that lead to the selection of the optimal lithium-ion cell type. Readers will also find an overview of additional functions that can be integrated for lithium-ion batteries, as well as information on transport and storage. German white paper "Anwendungsgerechte Auswahl von Lithium-Ionen-Akkumulatoren" (PDF, 870 KB)