German White Paper
Human Machine Interfaces


Development of application-specific HMIs - Challenges, Steps, Potentials

Whether for a new device or product relaunch - the development of a new HMI influences and changes the entire application. The user interface defines to a large extent the degree of usability, gives the application its own feel and gives it a "face". It offers the possibility for the special feature - and so an own, specific HMI is a coveted device component today. But how to proceed?

This white paper shows what is important in development, when entrepreneurial personal contribution makes sense and helps to assess development partners.

Application-specific Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are becoming more and more common. The complex devices optimize the operation of machines and underline the positioning of companies as user-friendly - or not. This white paper shows which services are necessary for the development of an own HMI and what has to be paid attention to. All necessary steps from the software-side display integration to the tuning of the touch sensor are presented in the document. Companies can find out which areas a company's own developer can cover and from when it is recommended to get support from an external HMI expert.

German White Paper "Entwicklung anwendungsspezifischer HMIs – Herausforderungen, Schritte, Potentiale", PDF, 1 MB