Our top priority is the quality of products and performance. Using processes that guarantee transparency along the entire journey, and backed by the latest standards. We ensure quality management in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 at our European Elektrosil sites. In Asia, our team checks and monitors suppliers on-site – as Supplier Auditors in accordance with VDA 6.3 and IATF 16949.

In the automotive field, we have a national and international traffic law certification from the German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles (KBA).

Development with structure

Every application has its own particularities. We carry out a requirements analysis based on systems engineering for the development of complex products. Defining system requirements and the target features of the product makes proactive and cost-effective planning possible.

Simple or complex, once the fundamentals have been established, we will put together a suitable team of experts for your product and its development. Our solution is based on interdisciplinary expertise, anticipated in simulations and verified during prototype testing. Series production, according to your requirements, proceeds following delivery and acceptance of the prototype.

Elektrosil development process

Analysis of the relevant contributing factors

Together with you, we analyse all factors affecting product manufacture and, using this information, define system requirements. These contributing factors are highly diverse. They include internal factors derived from the target product features and external factors – for example, technical requirements, ethical guidelines or norms.

A circular process results, which only ends once all parameters have been satisfactorily fulfilled.

Requirements analysis: Definition of the system requirements

The basis of lean development

The system requirements, i.e. the results of the requirements analysis, are presented in both the product brief and the specifications sheet, and implemented as part of the requirements management. The services and processes necessary for manufacturing are formulated and subject to change tracking, implemented with software support.

These lists form the basis for our cooperation with you and protect both parties. Development is carried out in a defined process.

Development process for implementation


With us as your development partner, you can expect an extensive range of services: we design the mechanics, as well as the hardware and software; we also take on validation and manufacturing. Your project is in good hands with us.


Our success stories perfectly highlight what you can expect from us.

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Product Portfolio

Elektrosil provides support in every electronics product division. We implement system solutions and components for almost every application – with interdisciplinary engineering know-how and decades-long experience in your industry. We also provide high-quality standard components when necessary.


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