Are you looking for an intelligent technical solution? Are you planning a design or redesign of your product? Talk to us: count on new ideas and our passion for innovation to help you stay on top of your game. Our interdisciplinary engineering team will develop applications and systems specifically for you.

As a comprehensive development partner, we will guide you through every phase, up to and including logistics, with creativity and short time-to-market. We provide personal consultations for your projects, and we manufacture independently of other providers.

We develop products and solutions that are customised to each client – design included – in all product areas.


Our team of developers is an interdisciplinary group, enabling us to bundle the expertise from all areas into highly integrated components. Our experts are proficient in the following development services:

Elektrosil develops software for fields including control and regulation, interfaces, engine control and embedded systems. In doing so, we take a hardware-focused approach. Our development processes conform to the latest guidelines, e.g. Automotive SPICE. Examples of our work include the development of LIN Bus and CAN Bus interfaces or software for BLDC drives.

We develop hardware for electronic and electromechanical components in all of our product areas (see above). Examples of the applications include PCB layouts, circuitry and EMC shielding. We also implement hardware to fit automotive requirements.

Simulations allow chosen conditions to be reliably tested in early stages of development. We offer a variety of procedures for this purpose. Strength calculations, flow simulations, simulations of factory processes and circuit simulations.

We tailor development to each client and, where applicable, this includes tools.

This is because, despite the abundance of standards, many products can only be partially implemented with those available, and some cannot be implemented at all. This may be due to extremely limited assembly space, or simply because a device needs to be more user-friendly than that of the competitor.

For specifically tailored solutions, we naturally also offer the development and manufacture of tools that will be later used in production.

We use various mechanical design techniques. We prepare drawings and work with both 2D and 3D construction, using AutoCAD and CATIA V5 software.

A variety of in-house mechanical and electronic workshops provide our engineers with the facilities necessary for prototype construction. The necessary testing is carried out in our test laboratories using our test equipment.


With us as your development partner, you can expect an extensive range of services: we design the mechanics, as well as the hardware and software; we also take on validation and manufacturing. Your project is in good hands with us.


Our success stories perfectly highlight what you can expect from us.

Precise control despite dirt and work gloves?

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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A free choice of keypad for every airline.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Hundred percent safe and long life – this was the requirement for the input for our respirator.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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The housing design for the doorbell system was complete; there was hardly any space left for the power supply.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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We needed an embedded system solution for long-term use in the fitness studio.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Best possible legibility, indoor and outdoor – we needed a high-end display for our credit card terminal.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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We wanted a pleasant in-car seating environment.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Our ovens needed the most precise and safest meat thermometers.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Product portfolio

Elektrosil provides support in every electronics product division. We implement system solutions and components for almost every application – with interdisciplinary engineering know-how and decades-long experience in your industry. We also provide high-quality standard components when necessary.


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