With an expanding global network, the demand for high-performance mobility technologies is growing. At the same time, strict safety requirements apply to modes of transportation such as aircraft, ships or trains. Applying our interdisciplinary engineering know-how, we support transportation manufacturers as a development partner and supplier of high-grade components.

Count on us for the highest quality: we work according to the standards and DIN requirements of your sector. That is why we develop keypads as per DIN 42115, power supplies as per industry approval EN60950 or take on transport tests in accordance with UN38.3 for lithium-ion batteries. We build fans in accordance with EN60335, inspected by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), and compliant with the UL standard for the American market. In addition, we ensure the long-term supply of individual components. For E1 or KBA approvals, we take care of all the necessary processes. We even carry out labelling for explosion control.

More than almost any other sector, safety plays an absolutely central role in aviation. As a result, special standards apply in almost every development-relevant product area, even guidelines from the military. We develop detailed aircraft technology that fulfils the highest requirements.

To reliably carry people and goods on the high seas, ships are subject to particular guidelines in terms of construction and materials. We support shipping manufacturers with high-quality solutions for technology, equipment and machines. To this end, we work in accordance with the Germanischer Lloyd classification.

High speeds and regular operation in all weather conditions are challenges for modern railway operations. We create technical solutions for a safe and efficient operation on the rails. As a result, we follow the strict requirements for products in the railway industry, including, for example, fire safety as per EN45545 or safety requirements for connectors as per EN61984.


With us as your development partner, you can expect an extensive range of services: we design the mechanics, as well as the hardware and software; we also take on validation and manufacturing. Your project is in good hands with us.


Our success stories perfectly highlight what you can expect from us.

A free choice of keypad for every airline.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Elektrosil provides support in every electronics product division. We implement system solutions and components for almost every application – with interdisciplinary engineering know-how and decades-long experience in your industry. We also provide high-quality standard components when necessary.


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