Operator-friendly POS and POI represent essential tools for customer contact and sales. That is why we develop reliable and vandal-proof system solutions that we adapt ideally to your requirements.

We implement integrated technologies and applications for kiosk and POS terminals. In the field of automation, we deliver all components aside from payment technology. We can provide the entire spectrum – from control to printer solutions. All peripherals are perfectly controllable thanks to interface design that includes data transfer.

For POI, we design intelligent input technologies that make complex information stations and multimedia platforms easy to use. We can advise you on HMI solutions and put our long-standing experience coordinating touch technology to use during implementation.


With us as your development partner, you can expect an extensive range of services: we design the mechanics, as well as the hardware and software; we also take on validation and manufacturing. Your project is in good hands with us.


Our success stories perfectly highlight what you can expect from us.

We needed an embedded system solution for long-term use in the fitness studio.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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We needed a core module for reliable hand scans.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Our automatic printing machines must be totally reliable.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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My customer said: “1 cable for everything!”

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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A motor with optimised service life?

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Best possible legibility, indoor and outdoor – we needed a high-end display for our credit card terminal.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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We wanted a fast-response touch screen for an almost infinite number of inputs.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Product Portfolio

Elektrosil provides support in every electronics product division. We implement system solutions and components for almost every application – with interdisciplinary engineering know-how and decades-long experience in your industry. We also provide high-quality standard components when necessary.


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