Electronic mobility is one of the largest transportation concepts for the future. We are a partner for e-mobility manufacturers in the development of innovative technologies, developing effective and economical e-mobility systems based on predictive management of loads and charges. While doing this, we follow standards such as current measurement as per EN 15118.

Our focus is on usability: involving powerline integration as per ISO/IEC 15118-3, as well as the smart grid with phase-switching during charging. The master/slave functions we have integrated for charging stations relieve the burden on the electronic network. And we are also investigating new solutions alongside BMWi, the Fraunhofer Institute and enviaM.

Do you have an e-mobility idea and want to know what is feasible? Talk to us.


With us as your development partner, you can expect an extensive range of services: we design the mechanics, as well as the hardware and software; we also take on validation and manufacturing. Your project is in good hands with us.


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Elektrosil provides support in every electronics product division. We implement system solutions and components for almost every application – with interdisciplinary engineering know-how and decades-long experience in your industry. We also provide high-quality standard components when necessary.