LED lighting requires special, reliable power supplies. We offer a variety of power supply models for LED lighting technology. They range from open-board variants to adapter and desktop power supplies, to housing types for indoor and outdoor applications with an IP protection rating of IP68. Since both constant voltage and constant current versions of each design are available, they can be used for both LED applications, as well as in harsh industrial environments, among others.

  • Diverse designs of LED power supplies
  • Up to IP protection level IP68
  • Designs come in constant voltage and constant current versions, meaning that they can be used for LED applications and, for example, in harsh industrial settings

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  • Support from the design-in to the after-sale phase
  • Customised adjustments and complete solutions
  • Reliable standard devices
  • Support for EMC debugging
  • Thermal tests and analyses
  • Testing of the complete application and support in aligning individual components
  • Handling testing procedures for safety certificates for client-specific products
  • Putting specific output voltages or voltage combinations in place
  • Reduced-cost peak power design
  • Modification to reduce standby current consumption
  • Fanless technology, convection cooling

Volker Gräbner

Product Manager Power Supplies

Tel: +49 40 84 00 01-24


We ensure high-quality production through long-term cooperation with expert manufacturing partners, who also complete our projects within a narrow time frame when requested. Thanks to cost-effective production, you receive custom-built models under favourable conditions, even in small batch numbers. Our manufacturing is subject to strict quality management and is certified for the following EN and UL safety standards: for information technology equipment, electric medical devices, household appliances, transformers up to 1,000 volts, and the LED lighting standard.


A success story says more than a thousand words.

The housing design for the doorbell system was complete; there was hardly any space left for the power supply.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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We needed a wireless controller for our surfboard – ergonomic, watertight and with a long service life.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Every detail of our customised power supplies and lithium-ion batteries is aimed at meeting your requirements. The interdisciplinary exchange with in-house product specialists is also part of development, enabling us to provide high-quality batteries and power supplies from a single source. We can support you in the following areas: