Capacitive operating units protect against contamination and allow for optimal levels of hygiene. We create capacitive keypads with numerous functions and design options. Customised designs are available, with the choice of acrylic, film or glass surfaces. The integration of sliders and wheels for added operating comfort is also possible.

  • A variety of design variants thanks to free graphic design of the surface with the sensor surfaces underneath
  • Full-surface bonding of the individual layers of a capacitive keypad ensures excellent protection against impurities and water ingress
  • Very smooth surface, e.g. glass, simplifies cleaning and fulfils the highest hygiene standards
  • Convenient operation through pressureless contact with the sensor surfaces
  • Unlike the membrane keypad, no tactile response – this can be replaced by an acoustic or optical signal
  • Creation of prototypes, pre-production series and small batches
  • Programming
  • Construction
  • Production of drawings
  • 3D measurements of individual parts

Arkadius Thomanek

Product Manager Keypads & Drive Engineering
Tel: +49 40 84 00 01-36



We are there to provide assistance when installing your specific keypad. Design and production take commercial aspects into account. You won’t be waiting long for the first prototype. Thanks to long-term manufacturing partnerships, we can offer short production times. Complete solutions, some of which include injection-moulded casings, are also available.


A success story says more than a thousand words.

Precise control despite dirt and work gloves?

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A free choice of keypad for every airline.

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A seat adjustment switch – ergonomic and matching the car design.

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Additional Keypad Solutions

We build sector-specific keypads for industrial, automotive, medical and home appliance applications. We provide you with input devices that meet the highest of demands – using interdisciplinary engineering and deep market knowledge to create the perfect solution. We offer the following customised keypads: