Elektrosil offers analogue-resistive touchscreen solutions in the conventional 4- and 5-wire versions. Every input medium can be used with this cost-effective technology, which is simple and stable to activate.

  • Sizes from 3.8" to 24" wide
  • Service life: > 10 million actuations
  • Light Touch (0.2 N) for virtually the same feel as projected-capacitive touchscreens
  • Multitouch 2-point for zoom and rotation
  • Up to 90% transmission
  • Expanded temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Glass/film/glass construction for improved scratch resistance and chemical stability
  • Extra features: anti-glare, anti-smudge, anti-Newton-ring

True flat design brings together all the benefits of 5-wire technology with the flush-mounted design of projected-capacitive touchscreens.

  • Customised variants up to 24"
  • Frontal integration
  • Water-resistant and dustproof (IP65)
  • Easy to clean

  • Customised solutions
  • Integration of special safety glass
  • Application support and advice
  • Production of samples according to project requirements
  • Drivers for various Windows and Linux systems

Gunter Wagschal

Product Manager Displays & Touch, Embedded Systems

Tel: +49 40 84 00 01-35


We provide comprehensive advice regarding our display and touch services and the possible combinations, such as TFT displays with touch panel. Manufacturing is carried out together with trusted production partners. Thanks to our interdisciplinary capacities in-house, we can provide you with integrated touch solutions from a single source.


A success story says more than a thousand words.

We needed TFT displays which were also a match for the harshest conditions.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Hundred percent safe and long life – this was the requirement for the input for our respirator.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Best possible legibility, indoor and outdoor – we needed a high-end display for our credit card terminal.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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We wanted a fast-response touch screen for an almost infinite number of inputs.

That’s when I called Elektrosil.

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Elektrosil creates touch and display solutions that work across sectors for nearly every imaginable application. Our spectrum ranges from standard products to customised adjustments and product integrations. We provide support for the following display and touch technologies: