Millimetre-accurate printer integration: Customised modification for automatic parking ticket machines

Small printer, big impact: When the parking ticket machine goes on strike, drivers get annoyed. For the integral printer to work continuously to the best of its ability, every detail must be right before it is fitted. Elektrosil has developed a precision printer solution in which the mouthpiece is not the only part to play a decisive role.

The challenge

Wanted: thermal printer. Must be robust, easy to incorporate, simple to maintain, and have RS232 and USB interfaces. The client from the vending sector turned to Elektrosil with its specific expertise in the industry for his new generation of automatic machines. The task was to find a unit which was the right size and suitable for the duty and to adapt it so that it was perfect for use in automatic machines.

The solution

The Elektrosil team selected a kiosk printer as a complete unit which was ready for immediate use. Tests established the ideal form of the printer for installation as well as the seating and guidance of the paper, but also showed that it would be necessary to improve the exit angle of the ticket prior to the dispensing chute. The sheet metal mouthpiece would have to be modified in order to guarantee that the paper could descend without jamming.

For this step, Elektrosil’s printer specialists undertook the development of the new mouthpiece and its replacement in the required number of printer units. The team of developers collaborated closely with the customer in all phases of the project in order to agree the technical details.

ICA values the clever ideas of the Elektrosil printer experts and their excellent relationship with suppliers.

The inconspicuous modification of the mouthpiece makes the printer an absolutely reliable performer in the vending machine.

Parking ticket machines have it all: the printer know-how of Elektrosil

Elektrosil’s strengths

By modifying the printer in accordance with the requirements, Elektrosil exhibited a high level of expertise in the development of first-class, customised solutions down to the smallest detail. While implementing the project, the team demonstrated its knowledge of printer technology and made use of excellent relationships with suppliers.

Advantages and benefits

Elektrosil’s solution makes the central printing function of automatic parking ticket machines totally reliable. The client benefited from an ideal addition to his durable end products – including simple maintenance option. Elektrosil provided all services from a single source, from development to the in-house conversion of the kiosk printers.

With its know-how in the thermal printer field, Elektrosil has provided the perfect enhancement for an automatic ticketing machine with a long service life. And, at the same time, has created a strong, competitive product for the client.

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