Gamers need strong PCs. Fans are components that increase user comfort. Elektrosil created a highly efficient cooling solution for a PC dealer specialised in the assembly market. The engineers sought to achieve extra-quiet fan operation with smart construction, which they had originally developed for the automotive field.


The client wanted a 120 mm wide frame PC fan with peak performance for core characteristics such as airflow rate and noise generation. The tasks associated with this included: defining the benchmark specifications, adjusting a patented two-frame system and developing the design.


To give shape to the idea, Elektrosil used a comparative analysis to summarise the characteristics of fans in the upper levels of performance. Following that, the team developed some 120 fans with models that generated noise levels of between 6.1 and 29 decibels along with airflow rates of 46.2–124.00 m3/h.

The engineering team adapted a fan solution from the automotive industry used to reduce noise during operation: a decoupled rotor. This significantly reduces the transmission of vibrations by suspending the ventilator within two frames, which are connected to one another using special rubber dampers. This novel combination of closing and damping facilitates a far quicker and simpler assembly of the components than the automotive versions with a bayonet catch.

Furthermore, the PC fan included a hydrodynamic bearing with an average service life of 50,000 hours, or 30,000 hours at a 40° incline. Despite maximum performance, it proved to be more cost-effective than the previously used ball bearing.

Elektrosil adapted the fan design to the lively optics of the target brand with a black-green combination.

The team coordinated manufacturing of the connector, sampling, assembly and certification for CE and the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), as well as for worldwide use. A qualified service provider designed and produced packaging using the customised optics.

The client was impressed with the powerful concept, development expertise and low time-to-market.

Extra-quiet and highly efficient as a cooler: the special fans increase usability for power users

From a rough idea with just a few parameters to an attractive high-end PC fan


With a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of fans, Elektrosil created a solution for the performance-oriented gamer market. The team provided a qualified network of manufacturers and took over the entire organisation of the project, from the initial idea to the packaging.


As an innovative product for the premium segment, the low-vibration and low-noise fan reinforces the claims made by the client, a leading specialist for PC cooling. The client thus benefits from a premium solution that was introduced from the automotive sector. They are considering expanding the model series with additional sizes.

A fundamental idea from the client is often enough for Elektrosil: for example, developing a first-class fan on the basis of a few parameters. The success story shows that your development partner can bring even rough ideas to a market-ready solution.

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