Sensitive high-security facilities need extremely reliable access controls. Biometric systems offer particular protection: one of the most secure processes in this field is identification using hand vein patterns. The client, a medium-sized enterprise named GP Systems, offers a hand vein scanner as its most important product. Elektrosil provides them with decisive development support: extensive consultation and support for the device’s hardware linkage.


The client needed a new computer-on-module (COM) solution for the hand vein scanner. The existing carrier board needed to be supplemented with a core module that included a processor, working memory and special interfaces. With a view to production and logistics, it was also important to ensure short-term deliveries of certain modules.


Elektrosil provided detailed analyses, consultation and support for the ideal hardware linkage for the embedded solution. As a core module, the specialists chose an Intel Baytrail x86 with a Q7 form factor, which ideally met requirements with a processor, flash memory and working memory. The engineering team supported the client during integration of this solution and in the use of configuration tools. Using reference circuit diagrams, interfaces for Ethernet,USB, I2C and UART were developed.

This approach made the completely new development of a complex full custom design unnecessary. The client could thus focus their core expertise on the development and application of the baseboard circuitry.

Additionally, Elektrosil completed passive, maintenance-free cooling, which resulted in heat dissipation using an aluminium heat sink in the housing.

Proven manufacturers from the network provide the high-quality modules. In the process, the production and storage warehouse are coordinated by Elektrosil in such a manner that just-in-time final assembly is possible by GP Systems.

GP Systems appreciated the productive collaboration of the team comprising both in-house and Elektrosil developers, as well as the superb organisation for just-in-time final assembly.

Hand-held vein scanner with embedded COM solution developed by a team of customer and Elektrosil developers

Hand vein pattern identification: one of the most secure biometric processes for access control in high security facilities


Excellent embedded systems know-how makes Elektrosil a development partner who provides the right momentum for partial solutions. The electronic solutions expert relies here on an interdisciplinary team, strong logistics and high-performing network of suppliers.


The core module conforms to industry standards and ensures the reliability and sustainability of the most important application in the client’s portfolio. It works reliably in 24/7 operation and the components are available over the long term. Simple and easy to replace, the COM ensures flexibility in the future when making cost-effective generational replacements or retrofits with technologies that increase performance and speed.

The modular solution with individual interfaces replaced a time-consuming single board development and led to fast market readiness.

The custom logistics design creates a price advantage for the client. Thanks to quick just-in-time delivery – replacing previous wait times of 12 weeks – the client gained additional flexibility with their end clients and improved their competitive position.

Even if you’re interested in smaller partial solutions for embedded systems: precise know-how and manufacturing logistics support make Elektrosil an excellent development partner – for example, for emerging manufacturers with innovative technologies.

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